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ok this is just fucked !

check it...

Thursday night my friend asked me to go rent S.W.A.T.
(excellent movie if i might add !!!!!!)
but yeah anyways, i'm staying with my friend for a bit\
cause she had surgery so yeahhh... as i was saying
i was going to rent S.W.A.T.... so i was going down
in the elevator to the underground parking garage..
and the doors open........... i look to my left
and what do i see ??!!?!?!?!?!?!? like freakin 14 or 15
ETF officers (etf=emergency task force... thats what we
canadians call our swat team) i was like OKAY
WTFF how weird and ironic is that...... too fucked
i go to rent S.W.A.T and heres the swat errrr etf's
at my friends apparetment.... anyway i go to blockbuster
get the movie, get gas.... and then come back like
30min later and theres cop cruisers all over ambulences
the whole nine yards... so i go back down in the parking
garage, go back through the doors and their still there
and they've got headsets and their whispering into them
and freakin laser and hand guns and shit... and the
freakin elevators are fucked in her building and take
like 10min to come.. i was like holy fuck i'm gonna
be right in the middle of a fuckin shoot off ! lol
but yeahhh anyway i got back to the apparetment and i
told my friend and shes like wow fuck better be careful
what movie you rent next... i was lol no fucking shit man !!!
shes like sounds like one of those stupid rogers video
commercials lol !!!
but yeah anyway
isn't that fucked ?!?!
i'm glad you agree
i thought so too
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