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Lucid Toronto

Hey hey.. theres a new super club openin up in the T DOT
it's where the old pladium used to be down town..
i saw the floor plans it looks bangin..
they took ideas from clubs all over the worldd
and omggggg i'm so excited lolol !!
and it's grannndd opening is.. " May 5th 2004 "
and i'm soooooooo gonna be there
their sure gonna give the Guvernment a run for their money..
don't get my wrong though much love for the Guv that place is one of
my altime favs along with Film Lounge, Plastique, and Comfort Zone
but anyway... here it goes...

Spring 2004 it's all about to change...

Imagine ..

From the soul of Manchester, Poland, Germany, New York,
3000 people
4 floors
10 bars
3 event spaces
55,000 square feet
3 sounds
160,000 watts

Club Lucid....




126 John St.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5V, 2E3
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